Saturday, June 19, 2010

I've successfully hacked into my HTC Desire

What did you notice from the very beginning of the post up till this line you are reading now? *Hint* Is in the title.. Hack? No no.. It is toward the ending of the sentence, MY htc desire.. Lol, mine already? Nah.. but I'm already treating it that way anyhow.. Lol..

So Windows platform in HTC Desire anyone??? Find out what or how or why later on this post..

You have seen the MUST HAVE APPS FOR YOUR HTC DESIRE, and now lets take a look at

Apps you might not need but is good to have

Apps Name: SMS Faker

What it does: You could "receive" a fake SMS to yourself bearing with someone's name or number or you too could "send" a fake SMS to a person who you probably forgotten to send to but you need something as proof to cover your butt

Why is it fun: Not only it is fun, it could be life saver at times.. You know especially at time like when you forgotten to send a notification SMS but you need to cover your arse, this apps will work like charm.. But when you get caught don't mention that you learn from me.. Lol.. Use it at your own risk..

**There are several other faker apps too like call faker and etc, just search around and you should find it..


Apps Name: Motion Detector

What it does: It capture any motion, pretty sensitive, even capture a shadow movement.. In layman term it can act as a CCTV

Why is it fun: Since it is capable of capturing shadow movement, you might be able to capture a ghost on your HTC Desire.. On serious note, rather than being fun it could be your temporary solution, like you are leaving for a few hours and you are worry, fret not, just set it up and it will send photo capture to your preset mobile / email.. I didn't really test it out but here's a video showing what happen when it captured a motion..


Apps Name: Metal Detect

What is does: Scan for any stuff/material that is made of metal

Why is it fun:
Well you can have your personal security check on your guest before allowing them to enter your party premises.. After all you are a HTC Desire owner, you wouldn't know when your best friend would beg/steal/rob you off your phone.


Apps Name: Speak n' Send

What it does: It turn voice into text and so you could send it out as SMS, Twitter, Email, or anything that deal with the need to type..

Why is it fun: I think fun is an underestimated word for this apps.. It is fun because you will be talking to your phone the walkie talkie style with plenty of o.0 and =.=" looking at you.. But hey it is an useful tools for those who love texting while driving both hands were occupied


App Name: FingerScanner

What it does: You need to authenticate 'your finger print' to unlock the phone

Why is it fun:
Actually it doesn't really scan your finger print, is just merely for fun.. But still to unlock you need to place your finger onto the screen in order to unlock It also make your phone look so geek!


Apps Name: Remote RDP Lite

What it does: Allow you to take control of a remote workstation from your phone with your finger tip

Whay is it fun: Well it is not really fun but you can be rather productive with this.. As long as the designated workstation is set to allow remote access, you can access your office workstation from home.. Well this is one of the most frequent used apps that I am so cling to.. I can work and play with just the same gadget.. Now who says HTC Desire is BEST for entertainment? It could get you promoted too you know :p

There's still plenty of other apps in the Android Market and there's not much time for me to test one by one.. So if you have any good recommendation, please do recommend by commenting below..

In my honest opinion, despite the huge library of plugin found in Android Market, when it come to quantity of apps, it is still lacking behind as compare to Nokia and Apple..

Don't get me wrong, they do have those fundamental apps covered. What I'm trying to say here is if Android plan to at least stay on the market with these key player, they need more unseen /special apps..


thenomadGourmand said...

Eh..i thought only the Nexus One could have the voice thing!
Cool..once the phone is mine, I;m so gonna get it all hacked and dwnload all sort of stuffs!


Fallen Angel said...

Me on the other hand would be doing a factory setting cause the phone is a mess now.. :p

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