Monday, June 21, 2010

Sony Music Malaysia Facebook Page

Music has always be a part of me for as long as I live.. It inspire me, it guided me, and now with Sony Music Malaysia Facebook Page, it motivate me to at least make an entry for it :D
Even though I have been a Following @SonyMusicMy and joined Sony Music Malaysia Facebook Page, I am not aware that they are giving out 2 CDs to 100 blogger.. Woot right o.0 Just hope that it is not too late yet for me to grab my share :D

Here's top 3 reason why you should totally join em..
1. Receive updates and latest news on your fav celebrity by who else if it is not Sony Music itself?
2. They are giving out freebies / prizes like almost everyday.. and all these prize are something special.. Like exclusive merchandise or autographed CD and etc..
3. You will eventually become the coolest kid in town..

I've always been a fans of music but mainly western music with the genre of Alt/Modern Rock but if I, if I really get to win 2 CDs from this post I will pick up Jay and Leehom.. Weird huh? Well that's because I decided to give it to my GF as a present..

So what are you guys waiting for? Join them, start posting, and finger cross that you get the CDs too..


nana said...

If I am not mistaken, this offer has been closed...

check out here

Fallen Angel said...

@nana thank for the gentle reminder but sony is giving out 2CDs to 100 blogger whereby each blogsite will gather 10 blogger for Sony..

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