Friday, June 18, 2010

HTC Desire - Multi touch defect?

With the stylish AMOLED screen, the crystal-clear-jaw-breaking-eye-catchy display what's there to complain about? As a matter of fact there is something to 'talk' about on the multi touch amoled screen after all..

I don't know if it is my unit that was defected or all the HTC Desire are facing the same issue.. It happen when I was playing a multi command game on the HTC, it was then I notice something was not right, it just doesn't act as instructed..

After reading a tweet by @jackkmlee only then I realize that it might the be cause of the multi touch point on the screen.. and so I downloaded some apps to aid me during the test..

It appear to me that either the apps is buggy or it really have some issue on the hardware.. Let's look at some photo and video after that.. I know is tiring to just read plain text all the way till here.. My bad..
Then without leaving my finger from Point A, I touch the screen with another finger and yeap it detected Point B as illustrated..
Now lets move around and see 
Everything still right in place.. So now lets just move back to the opposite position of the originate start point..

Tadaaa.. I've performed a magic trick to you. :p So lame =.="
But on a serious note, it seems that the detected touch point now is not right under my finger.. Some might argue saying it is a software bug but I tried with few software it all return the same result, you can view the video here

Apps Test 1 -MultiTouch Visualizer 2

Apps Test 2 - Multitouch Vis Test

Apps Test 3 -Touch Test

Whether it is a software bug or is really an hardware defect (sorry not a technical person to advice on this), it is not that noticeable.. Unless of course you use that sweetie to play hardcore game.. Learn more how the HTC Desire aided me in my work in my next review entry..


JLean said...

Dropping by ere. =)

Fallen Angel said...

Wow you are fast.. Thank for dropping by.. Lookout for my latest post

Jackkmlee said...

What app did you use to test?

Fallen Angel said...

Here's the apps name @jackkmlee

Apps Test 1 -MultiTouch Visualizer 2
Apps Test 2 - Multitouch Vis Test
Apps Test 3 -Touch Test

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