Friday, June 18, 2010

My Mind is the Scene of the Crime

Well if there's one thing in my mind that I wouldn't want others to know or steal is all my dirty little secret.. You know secret like bla bla bla, not way I'm gonna tell you here, that would be like declaring what I don't want others to know publicly..

But anyhow Nuffnang is having a screening for its member and the movie is

Not wanting to be disqualify I have to share something else..
Well apart from dirty secret, there's still one thing that I don't want others to steal is all my password..

With my password basically you have access all my personal detail which also mean I might be a victim of identity thief..

That's why I 'die-die' also must protect my password don't care if I have to spend my night awake or have to hire Freddy to shoo away baddies in my dream, I will do anything just to secure it..

A piece of advice you too shouldn't let others know your password as it may seems ok at first, but once that person abuse it you are on your way to hell


Nina Nurziana said...

cam seram .. huhu

Sharinginfoz said...

of course password is very important

Hadiah from Nuffnang

vangardx said...

even though password is very important, many of us still use the "forgot my password" function :P

nana said...

walk~ walk~ stroll~ stroll~

Fallen Angel said...

@vangardx lol.. and many too used the same password for everything. eg. banking, fb, twitter, etc..

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