Sunday, May 2, 2010

Iron Man 2 - Where is the secret scene??

The 2 big man (Ip Man & Iron Man) has finally came to our big screen last Thursday and I manage to catch it for FREE that comes with pop corn and drink too ^^
Well anyway no spoiler here as many might not gotten their ticket yet.. If you are an Internet addict like me, you should have probably know that there is a short secret scene in the movie Iron Man 2, question is where is it? Well sad to say you will need to sit back to the entire credit time which lasted like about 3 songs duration, yea.. 3 freaking long song.. I almost gave up because everyone left the hall, and the staff already started picking up and cleaning the hall at song number 2..
 So what's my view on the movie? Well personally, I think that there are too many unnecessary scene which I couldn't really relate back what's the point of such scene.. Also there are way too many characeter to introduce making less time for action and blasting..

To me the most interesting part of this movie is no longer the storyline but how the team manage to blend CG perfectly into a movie. I like the part where Whiplash came out during the F1 racing
It is so beautiful that you can't tell which is real and which is not.. Another amazing point of the movie is that Iron Man have a portable suit which is in the form of a briefcase
The drawback of the movie is like mentioned, way too many character to be introduce and the worst part of the movie is rather biggest disappointment. The final battle with Whiplash. You gonna catch it to believe what I mean.

If I could use a "Rated R" sentence to describe Iron Man 2 it would be "Iron Man 2 is a porn for the geek"

People who I think would love it: Geek & Mega Fans
People who I think would not enjoy it: Those who didn't catch the first installment
People who I think would hate it: Girls and people who are not into porn, geek porn to be exact
People who I think would watch it just for the record: People like me :p

Credit should however still be given for awesomeness, but from a different prespective point
Rate: 3/5

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