Friday, May 7, 2010

Furry Vengence

Thank to Fly FM I gotten my invitation to the movie on Wednesday.. Initially I have few pairs of passes to the movie at TGV 1 Utama, but heck Cathay e@curve is always my top priority, thus I gave out all the rest to my friends..
Personally I think this is kinda children oriented movie even from the glacne of the poster.. There was quite a fair share of joke in it but not to the extend that someone in the same hall with me actually laugh till she almost fell of the chair =.="

However it is a good education to the younger audience because the movie goes by the theme "Go Green" which is currently a big concern not only to people in Malaysia but also people from all walk of life.. If you aren't aware, we in Malaysia have started to reduce the usage of plastic bag with the aid of key player like shopping mall to impose 20cent per bag on no plastic bag day and etc.. It might be a little bit late but late is always better than not doing so.. Let's just hope with such small effort we could save the world, otherwise we would have to say buh-bye on 2012 :p

Anyway Furry Vengence is all about there furry animal taking every single strenght they have to stop the developers from harming their home and family. Simple and straight forward and there's no twist in it neither..

I read somewhere that Brendan, the lead actor in Furry Vengence enjoyed the weight he put on just for the movie. Sad I don't have the link for ya, maybe some google will do..

Rating: 2/5

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