Friday, May 14, 2010

The Expendables

Like I mentioned in previous post, there will be a MEGA movie coming its way into big screen and it will be filled with quite a number of known star.. I might be late but I bet action thirst fans don't mind reading and watching it all over again.. This is how the first and current poster looks like
Don't let the poster fool you cause the movieis starring : -
Sylvester Stallone better known as Rambo
Jason Statham
Jet Li better known for his Chinese Kung Fu
Arnold Schwarzenegger better known as Terminator
Steve Austin better known as 3:16 in his wrestling era
Bruce Willis better known as Die Hard

Don't believe me? Then watch the trailer below

So what you say? Bookmark your calendar and free up yourself for the movie when it is release on 20 August 2010

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