Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter is one of the most awaited movie for me but also one of the disappointment to me
You know what Gerard Butler is better off with war scene after watching quite a few of his comedy movie, they aren't as good as 300, or was it perhaps the director at fault? I don't know I just think that when Gerard is serious, he is very manly too..

With the movie just a-okay, no wonder this is one of the title that didn't do quite well in the State.. Let's just hope that there will be more of Gerard Butler movie with different genre.

Rate 2/5

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Nick said...

the bounty hunter really not nice?

Fallen Angel said...

Hi Nick,

Well to me it is not up to my expectation.. Again people might say that I have high expectation but if you've watch Date Night, then Bounty Hunter is just behind the league..
Bounty Hunter didn't do well in the State as well..
But again, it is not a bad or lousy movie, just that it is quite plain..
That's my humble opinion..

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