Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Descent: Part 2

Never knew there was this movie titled The Descent (first part) until the movie screening of The Descent: Part 2.. Thank to Nuffnang Malaysia I was invited to the premier screening.

Actually there were plenty of undistributed ticket that night and there were many left over. Even me myself I get more than I need.. Sadly none of my friends are into horror movie.. So there I go wasting it..

So back to the point.. The Descent Part 2 continues where The Descent stop (I'm guessing it since I didn't watch the first part) with Sarah who was the only one who manage to escape from the cave she and her friend went in..

Before entering I overheard someone said he watched it the night before and it was a scary shit movie but I have to say frightening yes, scary hell NO.. But those frightening scene was kinda expected too, I mean like you kinda saw it coming but still you couldn't help but get frighten because of a sudden image and loud sound..

Overall it is a so so movie to me but it seems that many people enjoy the 'joke' they played.. Blood was kinda "waterish" too.. Oh ya note that this is not a ghost, but rather flesh-eater creature movie..

Rate: 2.5/5

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