Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Why Smartphones can be Dumbphones

What is a smartphone? A clever phone? An intelligent phone? Whatever it is you guessed it all wrong.. Smartphone is nothing but a phone packed into a fancy, stylish box.

So now tell me what is your definition of a smartphone? A phone with camera, a phone which allow you to make call, a phone you can text with, a phone that is stylish? Anymore? No? That's why some people's smartphone can be dumbphone.. Sorry maybe I should careful with the word I used.. No offense though..

Seriously if that's what you think a smartphone is, then it is like bonding a few separate item into one which again doesn't make your phone a 'smartphone' It is no different with our ordinary phone anyway..
A smartphone is actually the symbol "X"
and this X is a variable which also means unlimited!!

You see smartphone if done and use right, it can bring alot more than just caing, smsing, photo taking, and showing off.. It can be your tools that aid you in every scenario you have. For instance, it can be your budget controller so that you don't over spend, it can be your tour guide so that you don't get lost in places you are not familiar with, it can be your information provider so that you know what's happening around you and your friends, and for extreme user like me it can be your working tools where it allow me to remote access my machine for some troubleshooting issue..

The features and functionality is not fix to just what it have during time of purchase.. You can upgrade its features by installing add-ons that suit your need.. And to do so you need internet access to search and download.. That is why you need DG Smart Plan a smarter plan for smartphone which offer unlimited Internet access with just RM68/month. With that you are able to set free the constraint you have on your smartphone and explore to a wider range of functionality..
So in conjunction with this theme Digi is throwing in a costume party with the following detail
Date: 29 May 2010 (Saturday)
Time: 6pm – 10pm
Venue: Ecoba, Lot No. B-G-02, Level 1 Menara Bata (Tower B), PJ Trade Centre, No. 8 Jalan PJU 8/8a Bandar Damansara Perdana, 47820 Petaling Jaya (please click here for a location map)

 If that doesn't attract you perhaps this will

Yeap, best costume will win one of these prize.. Cool eh? And mind you they are no dumbphone..

So remember if the owner is dumb, so does his/hers 'smartphone' Break free now and unleash the full potential of your smartphone!!!

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