Friday, April 16, 2010

My spooky diary

Well this will be a compilation of a few short spooky (or some say scary) story that happen to me and my beloved friend. Note that is it NOT a friend's friend story, kay?

Like every good story, the spookiness seems to came from a few favorite spot, and I really wonder why.. Anyway here's the first story

The playful (or should it be challenging) ghost
It happen in one of the resort in Malaysia that is located uphill with casino. Anyway my friend (let's call her Miss C) went up for a short breakaway with her classmate and they consist of 4 girls and a guy (name the guy Mr brave), and they booked 2 room, you know what will happen when you put male and female in the same room right? Lol..

Like everyone who is on vacation, you will wander around till late night. So after a night of fun they decided to call it off and head back to clean up before going to bed. Mr Brave was alone in his room, and after his bath, he way laying on his bed listening to his iPod. Half way through, the left side of the headphone drop out. Without a doubt he fit it back in place. Then within a minute, the same  thing happen but this time is was on the right side. Starting to wonder why, he look around while putting the headphone back in place. He tune it louder this time. Now again the earphone drops out, and this time it is both side. WTF.. despite being afraid, Mr Brave acted like nothing happen and pack his stuff and off he go to the lobby. That's where he spent his night.

The next day after they have check out, Mr Brave told Miss C and friend what happen last night, and he don't want to tell them earlier cause he don't want to get them afraid. Despite his generosity, he was nagged and was asked why he don't want to go over to their room to spend the night. What do you think? Was the incident a real nightmare to Mr Brave or was it the nagging?

No Toilet Roll At Night Please
Back in my youth (OMG I'm that old already), yum cha (which mean drinking session) is so frequent that it happen almost every night. Unlike every other night, that day we wanted something special. So we went to a pub to chill and it was approx 11+ when we arrived. Had fun and everything until one of my friend (name it Mr Eye) stop dancing suddenly and had a pale face. Mr Eye was born with a 3rd eye and can see stuff we don't. Feeling something is not right, we decided to accompany him and ask if he wants to leave. He said it is ok as "it" was at another corner, he just want to get a distance from it. So we continue with our drink and I have to admit that i'm a little high that time. I can't remember what time we left but while on the journey back I puked. So my friend passed me some tissue he got from the car. My friend thought of doing something funny, trying to blind the car (drove by my friend) behind us. He break the toilet roll into smaller pieces and started to throw it out of the car. Then the car where Mr Eye was in started to flash and honk on us. Not knowing why my friend keeps doing the same, until a call from Mr Eye, who was all in anger mood, and shouted loudly stop throwing those tissue out, f**ker. We all sensed that something is really wrong, and my friend stop doing so. Back at hostel, only then we found out that while throwing out the tissue, there was something in the car sitting at the rear seat where i'm also sitting at (o.0 WTF) and there are a few others picking up the tissues thrown and with no further details.

The 'ballet' walk
This happen also in a resort. Me and my friends was in a vacation in a resort in PD. Beach was the main and only attraction here, therefore there is no place to hang out but a BBQ at the seaside. There were tons of food served as well as some drinks too. Nothing much so I will fast forward. Went we head back to out room after all the fun and activities we had, something strange happen. We were staying on the 4th floor, and we took a lift to reach there. Upon reaching one of my friend walked out ahead of us and the rest of us follow. I was talking to my friend and still laughing so loud that I think might even disturbed those already in bed. Suddenly my loud laughter was covered by an even louder voice and guess what it is all cursing word. So I turned and look at my friend, and asked if he is drunk. He looked serious and stiff that time and told me not to be busybody. Of course I don't just give up like that. I ask him again when we reach KL. I was told that the friend walking in front of us, is not 'walking properly'. He was walking like his feet were stepping on another person's feet, something like the ballet walk but not up to the point where he is walking on his toe of course.
And the one who saw that didn't know what to do but to shout out curse word hopefully it work. It seems to be but he did not sleep that night because we was too afraid. As for the one with the ballet walk he don't even remember (or know) that he walked that way neither.

National Service
National service is where secondary school leaver have to be, be trained, and to learn to be independence. My cousin was the selected one and had to spend months there even if she is not willing to. A week later, my cousin Mom said she wanna withdraw her daughter from NS programme. We were curious and asked why, she said 3 days after her daughter was in NS, she SMS her one fine night, with only 3 word, "I SAW THEM", she called immediately and my cousin was hiding in a blanket, crying softly, and told her mom her mates all went crazy. Her mom told her to look for supervisor but she didn't as she can barely move. My cousin was only transfer to another campus instead of termination.

Despite all those experience I have / heard, I bet it is nothing compare to A Nightmare on Elm Street. It is not a movie to be miss for all horror fans out there.

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