Saturday, April 17, 2010

Is Kick-Ass really that ass kicking?

I didn't manage to catch not only the premier screening of Kick Ass with all the Nuffnangers, but also miss the official launch event of Project Alpha season 2. I have another event to attend. Will post more about the event in a later post, do remember to check out and find out who I meet there..
Read about plenty of positive review about this cruel but funny movie, and was so regretted that I couldn't make it. But thank God I manage to get some pass on the night the movie is realease here in Malaysia, and this is purely my thought.

For those who are not aware of Malaysian new censorship which ruled out somewhere last month, it sure mark a new border for movie rating 18+, that's really an ass kicking factor. So parent out there, this is not your daily superhero you wish your kids to watch.

Kick Ass is not the typical superhero everyone have in mind, he doesn't posses any super power, he is just an ordinary guy like us, with the thought and dream of becoming a superhero. As for the humourness of the movie is just okay, not up to the stage where it is so funny that you will laugh till you roll on the floor. Gruesome part was also okay only judging that this is not the actual genre of the movie.

In short, the best part is about not being censor here in Malaysia, and it is filled with F word. Everything else was so-so only, hence 2.5/5 from me.


Yih Yann said...

So you pay for this movie?

Fallen Angel said...

Nah, is a preview screening on the release day itself :p

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