Monday, April 5, 2010

My Favourite Sport

When I was young all that caught my attention was console gaming. Still remember back then Sega Saturn, Sega Dreamcast, N64, MicroGenius, and even floppy disk game.
Those were the day where I spent my precious childhood. As I grew up and entered secondary school, still I love console gaming, but I've been introduce to another game called "betting".. Everyone in school is talking all about soccer and eventually when World Cup kicks in, everyone is crazily placing bet.. I for the fun of it part in too.. Sad enough I didn't win and make a big hold in my pocket..

Toward the end of my school time, I am desperate to grew taller as I've seems to be stop growing upward ever since I entered secondary school.. So I went to play basketball.. Guess I was too late and nothing happen.. I've since that leaving behind my past hobby which is playing game and occupied myself to sport.

I do play few type of sport like basketball, badminton, jogging, swimming, squash, bowling, and wrestling (yea wrestling is known as sport entertainment yo :p).. Despite the fact that audiences are advised not to try at home, me and my brother still do it o.0

I have to admit that wrestling is fun, especially when I'm able to execute the finish move by those wrestler. But heck nope it is not my favourite sport as it is very risky and I have to be very careful everytime we played, so let's just put this aside.. My favourite sport is swimming, that explained how I get so tanned =.="

Swimming especially after a hot and tiring day is relaxing and refreshing.. I don't need a partner to swim (unlike basketball, you need a group of people to play), and I can always challenge myself on how many laps I have to swim.. Swimming also is very eye rewarding especially when there is bikini girl by the pool side

Okay stop dreaming, like that gonna happen.. After all these years of swimming I never encounter one.. But seriously swimming not only help me to relax but it also aid in blood circulating.. I tried to make it a point where I have to swim at least one a week even with fully loaded schedule..

Also there is nothing more refreshing and clean with a steaming shower with Adidas care wash

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kenan said...

I would go for the ladies in the pool. Trish Stratus

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