Sunday, April 4, 2010

Beauty On Duty

Beauty On Duty is a Hong Kong comedy (plus some slight action) movie staring Sandra Ng and Charlene Choi

The story is about a new policewoman who just recently join force is required to protect the witness's daughter who joined the beauty pageant. She have no choice but to take part and be her silent bodyguard.
When there is Sandra Ng, there is sure some crazy and funny scene..
There were also an interesting part of the movie, there are quite a number of imitation (or should I say look alike) star.. Look at the picture below to spot them out :p
Anyway it is a good movie to catch at a relaxing Sunday morning. Would say it is worth watching even though it is kinda typical type of chinese movie. I think 3/5 overall, and go catch it to find out who walk out as champion, alive.

Oh ya GSC Tropicana City is kinda weird too, the gap between the seat and the screen is kinda near. You have been warned! Shall you plan to watch any movie there, be sure that you select furthest seat possible from the screen.

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