Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Being Human

With all the Jack Neo scandal still heating up, comes another movie which happen to be directed by him to a cinema near you soon!
 Being human as the titled suggest, bring the story on being a moral filled person in life. Being human is actually another typical Jack Neo type of movie, where it portrait common / current issue in the society and would usually end with some heavily moral lesson.

I'm not saying that it is not good, but I'm trying to give you the idea on the overview of the movie. So if you loves his movie, this should be on your movie list too. This is the second time that the star actually appear by surprise in the cinema hall for promo tour that I witnessed. Maybe they are connected to Cathay someway or another.

There is some twist in this movie too which is actually good because when you thought it will end up in such way it didn't.. So better not guess and be pamper with the twist :p

I think this is a like it or hate it movie for different group of people; but for someone neutral like me I would say it is worth 2/5 only.. One thing I don't understand, is there really a need to include CG when the CG look so cartoonist?

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