Sunday, April 4, 2010

I watched Man U Vs Chelsea with Samsung Managing Director

Yes it is true, Samsung Managing Director is in da house at SPIN Club, SOHO KL last night. I won the invitation to the 3D Man U Vs Chelsea viewing party live, and I have to say Mr Yew (The Managing Director of  Samsung) was a down to earth person, he join in the crowd, very low profile and enjoy the game like everyone else did..

Oh ya did I mention that he was sitting next to me in a round table which is cater for 3/table? Yeap he sure did, as he want to view all his product (basically is the Samsung LED 3D TV) from different angle. Here's a photo to prove :p
Yeap he is that close to me, and not only he is there, Jimmy the marketing director was there too.. How I know who's who? Well I attended the launch remember?

Had a great time there and am looking forward for more of such event in coming future.. Truely a new leap on home entertainment..
Everyone is cheering when Chelsea won Man U with the score of 2-1

1 comment:

kenwooi said...

looks like chelsea will win the title =/

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