Saturday, April 3, 2010

Official Samsung 3D LED Launch

Was invited to the official launch of Samsung new 3D LED on Wednesday and hell yeah I'm among one of the few people who mostly from the press media to experience it..

When I reach there I spotted this huge blue couch near in KL Convention Centre, and theres a clock stating 12min to go until the official launch. Actually it means 12 min till the main entrance is open for everyone to enter.
Since some of us turn up earlier, Samsung is considerate enough to serve us breakfast
And here's where the crowd (invited guest) started pouring in
Was suppose to start at 10AM but as usual there are time for us to get socialize to fill in the waiting gap
Oh ya did I mention that I saw Yih Yann and Daniel there.. What a pleasure to see both of them there, and of course there is nothing better than snapping a pretty and gorgeours photo of them
Since I'm among the first few to enter the hall, had nothing better to do than shooting the place.. Although I might look like first timer, I don't care I just wanna share with my reader.. So here it is..

 And so it began.. Was welcome by the MC and then followed by a speech from Samsung chairman Mr Yew.. His first line was do I look cool.. Well I have to shout Hell Yeah!
Now come the interesting part, launching of product.. May I present to you the brand new Samsung 3D LED, don't blink your eye yo..
Yea I know I snapped lousy photo with all the 'shadow' around, which likely make you remember back then when pirated VCD was so in demand :p But here's the real thing now..
Kinda dark right? Fret not, keep scrolling as there are more photo coming your way cause next up we were brought to the showcase room where we get to experience it ourself..
Here it is, a heaven for geek, it is filled with all range of Samsung TV and is being segmentize for our viewing pleasure..
Please note that the blurness of the picture is not because of my shaky hand or my lousy camera, but instead it is the effect of t he 3D.. You need to put on the 3D glasses to feel and enjoy the closeness of the TV.. So let's just put it on already shall we?
FYI, the glasses cost around RM899 with built in rechargable bettery and yea this spec is differ from the spec that we use in Cinema..

More photo below, wall of LED
The awesome 3D spec
The high tech remote control with touch screen on it
The crowd
The MD and Interviewer
The Interactive TV
The entire family
Quite a mega showcase right? Well we enjoyed it anyway.. Then before it end is the time everyone waited for q&a and lucky draw.. Yay!!
After some seriousness and hard work it is time for reward, lucky draw and Samsung MD Mr Yew will be picking up namecard and that lucky one will walk out the hall with a Samsung Corby cellphone.. Here goes..
And the first winner is..... someone from chinese daily press.. But no one step up to claim.. So
Calling 1

Calling twice

Calling thrice
Muahahahahaha, guess that person left already..
So we will have to redraw...
And congrat to the 3 winners
Sad that my photo isn't there, cause I didn't win.. but never mind, better luck next time.. Then it is lunch time..
There you go.. End of the whole thing.. But don't you think something is missing?? Oh ya I know.. I left out these
Now with that, it is officially end of the post..
Oh ya, do check out my coming post on another Samsung 3D viewing event..

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