Thursday, April 1, 2010

Clash of the Titans

Just came back from GSC 1Utama for the premier screening of Clash of the Titans moment ago and it seems that the fire breakout last week has cause a serious impact to the cinema. Apparently the 3D screening of the movie has been downgraded to 35mm format and as a compensate, each patron receive a pop corn and a can of Coke

Do I even need to copy and paste the synopsis of the movie here? Guess not as many have at least already seen the trailer and heard about what it is all about somewhere.. And yes it is staring Sam (the one who also stared in Ternimator Salvation and Avatar)
Personally I think the movie was somehow over-rated.. It didn't caught my full attention during the screening and I even yawn a few times :$ Guess I might be too tired these days where I have to balance between work, love, leisure, and health.. But still the thing that amaze me was the CG, but of course it is nothing compare to Avatar if you ask me.

To sum it up, it is just a so so movie, and I've won passes for screening on other days too.. Wonder if I would want to attend again or should I just skip to another movie.. 2.5/5 and most of the credit goes to the CG..

**Pssst.... Wanna know a secret? Highlight below to find out then
The entire movie you will be waiting for The Kraken, the so called ultimate demon of all time where the God is also afraid of. But upon appearing, it get defeated like with a snap o.0 Most of the time you will see them chasing around instead of battling too :p There's your spoiler and hope you have a bad memory so that you don't remember what I said here..

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Zulkarnein said...

I'm going to watch this weekend!!!

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