Thursday, April 1, 2010

The sweet 40 years old virgin

Watched the early premier of Date Night staring Steve Carell (who also acted in 40 years old virgin and get smart) Tuesday night at Cathay e@Curve
In my honest opinion, this movie is even more romantic than those romantic movie (I don't think this is a romantic comedy movie, but instead action comedy), seriously! When is it so romantic? You will have to find out toward the end of the movie. I would say it is something you least expect and it is a sweet move a guy can do for a girl he loved.

The overall is f-king hilarious and you should totally watch it. I really don't know how I could elaborate in word on how much I enjoy the movie without spoiling it for you. So cut the crap and get your butt off the chair to catch this when it is release on 8th April 2010 in Malaysia.

On side note, I might watch this again if I manage to get a preview pass! 5/5 for a perfect date!


nurfaiz shaidan said...

looking forward to see this movie later on!

Anonymous said...

bground sama pulak!!

shafiq08 said...

just watched the trailer. looks funny and steve carell is f-ing awesome !

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