Friday, March 26, 2010

GSC 1 Utama on FIRE

It seems that today (26/3/2010) GSC 1Utama will be close for the day due to an incident that happen yesterday night. It will be close for repairs due to damage from smoke and fire-fighting efforts at Glitters Cafe..
And this is the crowd at TGV 1Utama
Source from Cinema Online

For those who have purchase ticket for the day, you may proceed to Gold Class counter to seek for refund or alternatively you may send email to GSC customer support for further assistant:

As for those who will be attending for the HK Flim festival movie tonight will have to wait for official update from GSC. Glad that no one was injured during the early blaze (there's no casualty reported so far). 

Good thing is that the cinema will be back on business as usual tomorrow 10AM


jfook said...

Meaning the whole One U closed?

Fallen Angel said...

No is just GSC in 1U, they are running a repair on the damage now. The rest of the 1U is on business as usual..

Mat Rebiu said...

Hi I see you've credited Cinema Online as the source for the news. Could I also request that you credit the pictures as well?


Fallen Angel said...

Actually that source including the pictures, but have amended. Thank for reminding.. Glad to have you drop by..

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