Friday, March 26, 2010

I saw korean God last night

I saw not only 1 but quite a few of Korean God last night and they are human alike.

Or well that's basically what the movie The Tao Fighter: Woochi is all about. It was my first experience watching such of a kind movie from Korean

To me the movie is like Journey to the west + bloody roar (console game) + harry porter + few other movie which I can't recall, and I bet the 2 goblin in that movie was very familiar not only by its appearance but also its costume..

I don't know if I've grown shorter or what, it seems that this year itself there's already numerous time where someone sitting infront of my is blocking the subtitle especially when it is not an English speaking movie, gosh.. It is a Korean movie, the story is very confusing already, yet some smart dude can't sit still and block my view.. How I wish I could test my knuckle on his head..

I'm gonna tell you honestly, I sit in the cinema for almost 2 hour, and I don't know what they are really up to, who's who (like who's good and who's bad), yawn quite a few times, and don't know why this and that, but the only thing that caught my attention was this
I think her name is Soo Jung.

The entire movie can be summarized like this (if I'm not mistaken), Woochi who have magic power was mistakenly capture and trap inside a painting for centuries. Other God went off when they have capture all the Goblins. Centuries later, for some reason those God was actually living on earth but with the status as God. Those Goblin too shown up and realising that they are not capable of defeating the Goblins they summon Woochi who is like the monkey king..

Then bla bla bla + fight fight + complicated + dunno why + suddenly show up + ending

Lol, I know I did this post like kinda no standard and messy but that's what I understand from it. I really dunno what happen in there.. But still 1/5 for Soo Jung ^^

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