Thursday, March 4, 2010

Evangelion 2.0 - You Can (Not) Advance

Went for this movie Evangelion 2.0 - You Can (Not) Advance last night at Cathay Cineplex e@curve

I think this is the 2nd one of its kind of anime that I've watch in cinema till now. The first one was erm.. Brave Story

I had 2 movie to choose from that day, but decided to go for this because it looks cool with all the robots.. Little did I know I was thrown with disappointment. No dont get me wrong it is not the movie but me myself. Here's why..
1) I'm not an Anime fans, I've not watch any Anime since few years back (after high school I should say). The last that I watch was like, erm.. Shaman King?

2) I did not watch any of the Evangelion series at all

3) Since the movie is in Japanese, so we audience have to depends on the subtitle, but there is this freak in front of me keep sitting up like it is so exciting even when the screen is showing a night scenery -.-" So he basically blocked the bottom part where the subtitle appear 99% of the time, screw him

4) I understand nothing about it at all!!

Judging from the point above I'm not in the right place to even give a point, but from my observation, it seems to be enjoyable to all Evangelion fans, they laughed so hard when a joke is aired, they move along with the combat scene, and so on..

So my advice to anyone out there is to watch this only if you have certain level of knowledge to the movie, it is not a movie full with combat (like what I thought), it have all the element an Anime fans is expecting though.
You get the drill right?

Well as a sum up, you can (not) enjoy the show if you are like me..


Anonymous said...

OMG! Was I the "Freak" tat blocked ur view since I'm tat tall? lol!

Fallen Angel said...

Nah, fret not it is not you confirm.. By the way saw you in Alice in Wonderland preview screening last Sat in GSC Mid Valley

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