Thursday, March 4, 2010

Best Bits of Project Alpha Season 1

Project Alpha Season 1 (Project Alpha is Malaysia first reality 'Internet show' if you are still not aware about it) had featured quite a number of famous Malaysia blogger.
Personally I started blogging quite late, so I'm kinda off like left behind. I don't know who's who and who's famous, and what are they famous for. But anyway it is not about how early you start blogging or how frequent you update your blog that matter, these featured blogger proven that it is the passion that you blog about that matter. Not only I get to see the real person behind the text and images on their site, but also get to know each one of them better too..
Project Alpha season 1 featured:
Each of them have the unique to not only attract new reader but also maintaining the loyal one too..

The biggest surprise that caught me was Sixthseal. He set a very good example that despite being "gone" for months his traffic can still be as high as you thought, and during his MIA, he spent his time in a rehab actually.. Surprise ain't it?

This is sixthseal
when he was like 15 years old

and this is him now

Another thing that caught not only me but everyone else is that the person behind beautifulnara (a local gossip site) is actually a guy.. o.0

Beside all that, winning (even just a consolation prize) a content in season was an honor. It is like being reward for our honest opinion / point of view. I guess this must be a best bits of project alpha season 1 for everyone!!

So are you ready for Project Alpha Season 2? I'm sure I do, and here's a peak on who's gonna be featured on season 2

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS


KY said...

hohoho it will be interesting!

Fallen Angel said...

Wow, is an honor to have KY to comment on my blog.. Should I make it big? :p

Anyway am looking forward to it already..

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