Thursday, March 4, 2010

Please vote for me

Here's how you can vote for me (basically you will need to have a facebook account), click on the following link

Once there, this is what you have to do, very simple

Step 1
Click on the "Connect to Facebook" on top right corner of the page

Step 2
A new window will pop up, if you have already login to facebook simply click on the "Connect" button.
If you have not login to your facebook, simply login on the window

Step 3
Fill in the columns in "I only want to Vote". You need to fill in your name, IC, Tel, and Email

Step 4
Click on the "CallMe" as shown on the image above, and then click "Submit Vote"

Step 5 - Thank You!
Once you have successfully voted, you will see the word "Thank You" There you go, done.

Thank you for your time to vote for me, I appreciate it very much. Perhaps you may want to comment here and leave your detail, after the contest, if I win I shall see how I can reward you guys.

Thousand Thank

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