Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wish I could be "Up In The Air" too

Happily return home after a nice show of Up In The Air just minutes ago in Cathay Cineplex at e@Curve.. Thank for United International Picture Malaysia for the ticket.

Ryan Bingham played by George Clooney is a corporate downsizing expert, I find his job fun and challenging actually. What Ryan have to do is to fly around the world firing people, sound interesting? It sure do, and it did excite me throughout the movie.

This is a comedy drama I suppose, despite the seriousness, movie is still movie, there are quite a number of humors which make the whole hall of audience not just laugh but also applause is given too..

Anyway read somewhere on the internet before saying that this movie inspired a number of unemployed audience to get a job, they really got a job after that, hmm.. Marketing? I don't know.

As usual all these are purely based on my individual preference and I think a 3/5 star is a fair score.

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