Friday, February 5, 2010

I celebrated Valentine this week

Well valentine came early this year as I've already celebrated it with the one I loved and cared most.

It was a grand celebration even though there is no superb dinner by the lakeside, no dancing by the seaside, no breezing scenery uphill.. So what's so grand you asked? Remember my previous post? Win a U2 Watch within a minute - Go check it out if you haven't do so..

Yeap I'm now a happy, proud, and blessed owner of the U2 Watch.. I collected my prize earlier this week but was too occupied with my work loads, so here it is now..

Can't wait to get the wrist cut so that it fits into our hand firmly. For those who don't believe me previously, you should be now. The contest is still going on and you too should celebrate Valentine like I do..

Happy Valentine and Gong Xi Fa Chai to those who are celebrating it.. Off to admire my pair of watch now *evil laugh* muahahahaha


vovo said...

How to get such high score? You are too lucky cos very time open up the identical picture.

ticnube said...

ola.. i like the jam so much.. simple but really nice.. for gf ha...? hahaah

Fallen Angel said...

vovo: Well there are more pro which gets high score than me.. I would say luck + skill?

ticnube: yeap simple yet nice, is a awesome gift for my gf this valentine, can't wait ^^

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