Monday, January 11, 2010

Can Nokia Coke-Powered Phone Pwn Google Nexus

With the recently announced Google Nexus One, the spotlight is on whether it could take away iphone share market and while all the buzz is going around, there seems to be a new question (or invention should I say)

You see, global warming is a serious business nowadays and efforts has been seen to reduce pollution before it is too late (we are already late, aren't we?), and there is a guy from China claim to be able to power up a phone with Coke, yeap you heard it right, COKE

He’s created a conceptual model of a phone, for Nokia, that would run on bio battery, using enzymes to generate electricity from carbohydrates.


With that in mind, if a Coke could operate a phone, what will it do to our body?

1 comment: said...

wow....coke not good...

nanged u. Allah for Islam only? Nang and read this if u r Malaysian… tq

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