Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A threatening kid

What will you do when you were or you felt threaten by a 10 years old kid? For a moment you felt you were strong and mature but upon approaching this kid you felt weak and helpless, felt threaten.. What will you do?

I don't know what you will do but I will definitely go for vengeance, lol.. But you have to catch Case 39 to see how Emily (staring Renee Zellweger) react in such matter

Well I need not go into the synopsis of this movie as it has already been told in the trailer, and if you have not catch it yet, watch the video after the jump

What I wanna post here is how I felt about this movie. I somehow love the way this movie is executed (minus the draggy part of course), it has all the element a horror movie should have. Stuff like sudden and loud phone ring/knocking on door/music/banging and etc but it appear on scene that you would never even expect it in the first place (maybe not anymore after reading my post :p).

Unlike orphan, this kid named Lily was possessed by demon, will harm people around her, people actually die around her. So Emily who is from the children welfare department thought she save a kids life by rescuing her from her parents who try to oven bake her.

While all the praises goes to the effort on building the hype in me (if not the audiences) toward the movie, there aren't much gruesome scene, but fret not because you will be imagining it already as it is guiding you to do so. The biggest disappointment in this movie is that it doesn't have a 'good' ending, how should I say it, erm.. the ending was plain and perfunctory.

Still the movie was worth while watching and best part is, it ain't that scary. So for those who are afraid of ghost and horror movie all this while, you might wanna check Case 39 out.. 3.5/5 is a fair score for this movie as I have to deduct the draggy and casual ending.


kenwooi said...

dont think i'll watch it..
sounds scary to me.. =)


PurPLe LaDy said...

i cant wait to watch this! see the trailer once and now too excited to wait for the movie!

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