Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Paranormal Activity

The audiences were physically shaking

Don't know where I read or heard the quoted sentence but I remember it was suppose to be a tagline or a credit to the movie Paranormal Activity

Well it was my first premier screening in GSC Tropican City, have to say the hall here isn't big and pity if anyone would have to sit the few front row as it is freakishly near to the big screen.. @.@

Back to the movie.. First of all if you are planning to watch this movie, please ask yourself if you can handle shaky camera (something like quarantine, blair witch project, cloverfield, etc), if you feel dizzy easily please stay out..

If you can handle the shakiness, then are you afraid of the following (assuming that you are sleeping alone)
  • knocking sound on wall on door
  • weird sound coming from outside of the room
  • whispering / breathing beside your bed
  • unexplainable object moved
  • being drag down from bed and to an unknown room
  • your blanket portrait something is getting on bed with you
  • sound of someone (something) walking up stairs
  • unexplainable injury on your body
  • woke up in the middle of the sleep and star at something/someone for hours without knowing anything about it
Oops those are suppose to be from the movie, but what have been seen cannot be unseen.. :p

Worry not, as I walk out after the movie, I overheard some Nuffnang blogger saying
  1. "Lucky it is a free movie"
  2. "WTF"
  3. "hahahahaha"
  4. "Didn't explain why this and that"
Hmm.. seems that the audience were given high expectation and was disappointed too..

In my own word, the movie tells a story about a couple with Katie being follow by demon since young.. Not believing all these crap, the boyfriend Micah decided to capture the paranormal activity with camera. From there you will see and hear weird thing happening mostly after midnight. Micah then tried to communicate with the demon and this action resulted in the demon hated Micah so much that it wanna get rid of him.

There were 3 ending to this movie actually. Since I've been a big spoiler for you earlier, I'm gonna leave the ending for you to follow when you catch it. However if you google about it you can actually find much more spoiler in wiki

Even though the movie earned more than 100million, what amaze us is that the cost production is just merely $15k.. Wow, that's really like money falling off from the sky.. But still I think the movie is overrated as I was disappointed too, 1.5 out of 5 star.

It was short and quite draggy with not much of paranormal activity too


Jessy said...

I was there too! Show sucks!

Melissa said...

Yeah, one of the worst movie of the year probably :P Terrible headache after that

Jimmy T said...

Quite ok niah! Compare with the 15K budget with million of revenue! Not bad right

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