Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Outdated Movies Review

Ok, let's see what movie have I watched since my last update which is somewhere in the mid of November 2009 (not in sequence)
  1. Avatar
  2. Alvin and the chipmunks 2
  3. Bodyguard and Assassins
  4. Treasure Hunter
  5. The Storm Warriors
  6. New Moon
I think that's all. Since everyone has already blog about these movies, I'm not planning to go into the details of each of these movie, but rather what I feel about these movie, with a follow up post (on a later post entry) if there is some event / activities during the premier screening.


This is probably one of the WOW and unexpected movie of the year, another one that I could remember is District 9. Transformer was somehow rather plain as there were many new element introduced into the movie, even the character robotic development wasn't good as audience were left with ??? on who's who..

Avatar was freaking awesome and it is VERY worth while watching it more than once and watching it in 3D.. Despite the fact that the movie lasted for 2 hour 43 minute, you wouldn't feel bored as you will be exploring a totally new world, seeing new things, sensing new danger, and look through the true face of human being on what they would do for money..

Heard that the director James Cameron (also directed Titanic, Terminator, Alien, etc..) not only spend time and money but also effort in creating a brand new world with Na'vi.. Go explore a different world where you will be amazed and impress with it. I give it 4 thumbs up (which all came from both my hands and leg) and should rate Avatar 6 out of 5 star..

Alvin and the chipmunks 2

If you are not those who get annoyed with 'children' voice, wouldn't get irritated with bunch of cute little voice, and never have the word old in your own dictionary then this movie is for you..

It is the 2nd installment, and they introduce the female chipmunks named chipette.. There were this young group of people seating not far away from me actually laugh so hard when they introduce themself as chipette.. Apparently it is pronounce as "Chee Pet" and it means something in Cantonese, something bad, something you shouldn't learn but you have just learn anyway from what I wrote :p

I don't know if I'm getting old or what but I try/tend to pick up moral value from each movie I watched.. And here it remind us that nothing come before family and love.. Fame is nothing when you lack of attention and love.. Toward the end of the movie there were this little kid probably aged 2 - 3 was dancing at the stairway with the mom busy staring at the screen =.=" and mind you the baby was crying loud before the show start..

I think it is still worth watching if you don't think that this is for kids, and it is rated 3/5 by me, da fallen angel..

Bodyguard and Assassins

The movie was rather long and laggy, the character development was good though but it dig too deep into each character which stretch to a lengthy hour.. As seen from the poster there were more than 10 hero and heroin which each of them have their own story, personal lifestyle..

All of them however have a same objective which is to buy time for Mr Sun who have a plan which can win China back from the hands of the evil empire, but this movie isn't about Dr Sun's plan instead it focus on how each and every of these person scarifies themselves for the sake of the entire country..

Actually I'm quite interested in the plan that the master mind have instead.. I think the movie is ok ok only and am rating it at 2.5/5

Treasure Hunter

I personally have a piece of advice for Jay here..
"Jay, you are better off with your singing career, way better in fact.."

This is a time wasting/dispenser movie, those who pay and watch it will vomit blood from internally.. Sorry but no offense to Jay's fans but honestly if it wasn't my gf, if it wasn't his appearance during the premier, I wouldn't even consider going.. From the trailer everything seems pretty normal and even if it is not some new twisted story, it wouldn't suck, and yes I was correct it didn't suck, it is just all f*ck up.. The plot was terrible, storyline horrible, character development was freaking normal, execution was miserable.. Nuff said!!

GF also told me that Jay didn't stop by and do promo in China thus it doesn't high amount of viewer for the movie.. Good job people from China, not an insult but imagine this, while being chased it actually have a happy and funny background music =.="
Also out of no where there is this legendary desert where traveling from city to desert is like a footstep away

Everything is just so wrong here, I don't know what happen to the director but haven't he seen any of its competing movie? His is no where near as their contestant.. Sadly but I have to give it 0/5.. Yea really 0 star out of 5, is not even worth looking at the poster too.. Heard that Jay actually watched the premier screening with member from the fans group, wonder if he fall asleep? There were this oversea couple I think from America judging from their ascent, don't know if they laugh their way back thinking that we Malaysian love watching crappy movie :(

The Storm Warriors

They said you can't fill a cup which is already full and it is true enough as I've personally experience filling up a full cup of water.. Can't imagine I actually watch this movie twice.. yea twice free of course.. As usual when there is free stuff there is a queue, and for this movie, the redemption starting at 10 but people started queuing up as early as 7.30AM, crazy, and yet many people didn't manage to secure one.. and I'm like the Santa Clause giving out early xmas present to those who doesn't get it..

On the premier day, my first impression was it was rather boring during the first hour of the show as many scene have been seen from the exclusive 15 minute preview which I attended twice back then.. The ending part of the movie was quite impressive though as these where the scene that they were working on when they were showing off the first half of the movie in the exclusive preview.. Also there were star showing during the premier day which I will break it out in separate entry..

During the second preview, everything seems to be quite boring, even the CGI didn't manage to capture my attention anymore.. Like 2012, this seems to be a disappointed movie for me.. There were plenty of slow motion punching and ass kicking scene.. The storyline was pretty old fashion, maybe it is because it was adapted from a comic which was produced some years back.. From the ending of the movie, it is pretty sure that there will be a 3rd, 4th, .... installment in coming future.. Let's wait and see..

I rate it 2.5/5 because it is able to create the same look and feel from 300..

New Moon

If I can only describe the movie with just 1 word it would be GAY! There were plenty ways to describe this movie though, like "Porn for girl" and many more.. The main female character here is Bella Swan and if you think see is hot wait till you see Alice Cullen

She is 200 times way better looking, hot, sexier than Bella.. And if I'm Edward I will go after Alice even though we are from the same family. And if I'm Bella I would rather choose Jacob instead of Edward.. I know my criticism here will trigger many angry reader but heck this is what I feel at least.. I actually went to the screening with 2 female and 2 male friend and none of us find it nice yo.. It also seems that there will be installment after this.. OMG..

I rate this 1/5 as the movie is pretty bad influence, Bella is indecisive on who she love and she seems to crave for both creature instead of human..

P/S: Don't hate me what for I think, that's just my point of view, and it doesn't represent everyone from the world, just my 2cent..

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Jane said...

hm..your criticism is rather 'extreme',
I 'somehow' agree.

without Eric Tsang I don't know how this movie will be.
It's quite boring.

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