Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mind Blowing CGI - Storm Warriors II

Went to the Storm Warriors II 15-min promo reel in 1Utama GSC moment ago and gosh, added another must watch movie into my list.

It was however flooded with member from the press, saw people from Cinema Online, The Star, UIP (United International Picture), and also some chinese magazine, and of course the fans.. We were all served with a warm and delicious breakfast

Among them were sandwich, prawn spring roll, nasi lemak, coffee, and tea.
There were also awesome sword on display where you can actually pose with it, I didn't went for it as I was somewhat camera shy *blush* Anyway here are the sword that are being displayed..

Here are some post with the sword

Member of Cinema Online

GSC Boss VS TGV Boss

GSC & Cathay staff

Big Cinema Boss VS TGV Boss

The Producer (in spec)

On the way to the hall, it was filled with nice poster of the movie, showing each character individually

Yea I know the photo suck because I was walking and snapping and was using my HTC camera.. The producer of this movie flew all the way from Hong Kong to present this cool presentation, it is not a trailer bare in mind, it is bit by bit from the 1st half hour of the actual production. The movie is still pending on more awesome CG, sound effect and is estimated to be completed in 1 month time.. Note that there will be a brand new trailer by the end of October, that was what we have been told in the screening hall..

Pity those who doesn't understand cantonese as there is not subtitle in the promo reel and that is also pointing back to myself :p but the CGI itself was enough to make you ignore the talking part and jaw touching the ground.

In the first hour there is already plenty of breathe taking effect, combining elements like water, wind, shadow o.0, sword, and etc..And they killed a general there itself. There will be however a much bigger rank general which morph from devil, much bigger fighting and combating scene according to the producer.

It seems that it have been 11years since I watched Storm Raider and according to the producer both movie you can watch independently as it is not those that if you don't watch the first part you are not following the story..

This movie is however overbudget and not 1 not 2 not 3 but up to 7 figure o.0 OMG, but the producer said they are willing to pay are they want more cooler effect.

The film was shoot in Thailand as it have everything they need there.. Temple, mountain, big empty field, and plenty more, but the crew were all from Hong Kong, which include make up artist, stylish, and bla bla bla..

For those who love CGI and fighting genre type of movie, you WOULDN'T wanna miss this

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