Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The truth about Vampires

Wow never knew so much about vampires, and after the movie Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant just moment ago in Cathay Cineplex, I finally realize that Vampires DON'T bite/kill for blood, they only make you faint, and take a sip of your blood, and off you go.. Then what have we been feed with since young where the demon go around blood thirst and hunting for its victim? Well those are the Vampaneze according to the movie..

Darren had a perfect life, he was popular among the college mate, get good result, have a family and the list goes on, his best friend, known as Steve, however have the exact opposite of what he have.. They were both invited to a so called once in 500 year kind of freak show where there will be showcase of freaky stunt / demon..

Things changed when Darren stole a spider named Octa from the freak show which belong to one of the vampire named Crespley..

Crespley then turn Darren into one of their kind the vampire and this trigger jealousy on Steve who was rejected when he propose himself to become one.

Darren was then brought to the freak camp where all the freaky vampire live.. There he meet with the rest of the gang and his love too as usual..

While Darren was in the wanted list for the vampaneze, Steve was used to grab Darren's attention, and probably grab his loyalty to join the vampaneze..
Magic, super power, punch, kick scene were in the movie too..

While my cousin said it was nice I think it is ok ok only so it would be 2.5/5.

This is the vampire movie where vampire is not scary and blood thirst

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