Friday, December 4, 2009

Love Happens

Went for premier screening of Love Happens at GSC Mid Valley last night, and is up for some disappointment

Well since it was staring Jennifer Aniston, so I thought hey why not go catch it but ended up she only appear like 30% of the overall of the show.. The spotlight is more on Burke (Aaron Eckhart) who doesn't have the guts to admit his guilt and yet he is a guru who guide other people back to their own path.. Maybe I put in quite some expectation, but there was nothing much special, the romantic scene wasn't that romantic to me, the funny part still acceptable but till certain level only, the execution part was so so, and the list goes on..

Might not be a wise choice of movie to catch since there are other movies (already on screen or upcoming within days) that might jut suit you best too.. 1 out of 5 is how I think it should be rated..

Btw GSC Mid Valley is celebrating its 4th anniversary and they are having quite some contest over there, there were lucky draw and also count the gsc logo to win a car too.. Too bad these doesn't apply to me as I rarely buy ticket anymore nowadays.. :p

More photo of Jennifer Aniston

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