Thursday, December 3, 2009

I have Google Wave invitation to be given out

I just gotten my Google Wave account, all thank to Smashpop for his generosity invitation.. and talking about smashpop he is like a star, still remember back then when I went to Fly Flynniversary celebration, when and smashpop appear everyone was whispering hey that is smashpop, smashpop here smashpop there, should have ask for an autograph :p

Anyway I have 8 invites to be given out, anyone interested kindly drop your email in the comment and I will send em all out..


Abdul Mu'in Bin Mukhni said...

i want it.. ;) pleaseee

Noreen said...

Hi! I would love to have a googlewave account :) my email is thanks!

Fallen Angel said...

Mukhni and Noreen for dropping by, invitation have been sent..

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