Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A date with the Princess

Catch Princess and the frog at cathay e@curve on Monday

Well plenty of credit to the movie. Since it is a Disney production, you should have expected a happy ending. The movie still contain all the element that make Disney movie famous such as musical scene, love, imaginary world, and of course happy ending.

Not trying to be racist but this is Disney first black princess, which of course strike a controversy since it was officially announce during production..

The story begin with a mother telling story to her little girl named Tiana and her friend named Charlotte.. It gives the audience an idea where Tiana is poor and Charlotte is rich and that Charlotte always dream of marrying to her own prince.. Fast forward they grew up, and Tiana work hard to accomplish her dad's dream to run her own restaurant.. Of course things doesn't go smoothly, till she meet the frog who was curse by a voodoo spell by an evil guy named the shadow man.. He requested Tiana to kiss him so that he could break the spell, and so did Tiana.. Little did they know instead of breaking the spell Tiana turned into a frog too.. Now the adventure begin, the shadow man want the prince back alive but they have escaped into some jungle.. There they met with several friends who aided them throughout the journey to find another witch to turn them back into human..

Kinda typical story huh? But still highly recommended as it is worth every penny spent. Also there ain't much of such cartoon on big screen nowadays, thus make it kinda special.

Watching the movie bring me back to my childhood memory, and best of all it is nicely animated with mixture of 3D and 2D. I would easily kiss 5 out of 5 frog to find my princess.

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