Tuesday, November 10, 2009

WTF Is just a freaking BOX

Won sudden invitation to the movie The Box staring Cameron Diaz at Cathay e@Curve.. Thank to Hitomi who is so generous in giving out these passes in her blog (http://hitomi5.blogspot.com/2009/11/popiah-time.html)..

The movie bring you back to 195x if I still remember correctly.. At the beginning of the show, it tries to convey a message to you that a family is poor and is in need of money for several reason.. Too draggy..

Things started to change when a box is deliver to their home.. There is a button in it and a single press someone somewhere on this earth will die.. And the person who press it would be rewarded with 1million in cash, tax free.. Good offer?

Nope, the movie doesn't offer much but disappointment.. The concept is interesting and something rare, but the way the movie was executed, the story all screw it up.. I will tell you the overall story in one sentence, pay attention please..

In short, there is this old man who has been strike by lighting and was suppose to be death but was not, and send a box to this couple and gave them 24 hour to decide, every being is filled with greed and so they pressed on the button, causing someone to be death, the box was then collect back and reprogram before sending it to other people, which means the couple who pressed it is next to die, this old man is not human you see, he have plenty of spooky employee and they follow their target around, at the end Cameron Diaz died because someone else pressed the button and the loops go on..

Understand a thing? No? Sure? Really don't get it? Well that's what I felt while watching it.. Grrr... Poor execution I must say.. Never mind I will wait for 2012 this Wednesday..


HitoMi^^ said...

ahah, you have got it right!!
Initially i thought the story would set back on present term.

The climax is not that heighten anyway. Would not rate it high, say 6/10

Fallen Angel said...

Well how do you manage to secure so many ticket?

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