Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Midnight Shopping, anyone?

Unaware to me, after watching The Box on Monday night, on my way back to the parking lot I was stunt but a group of people queuing up

Feeling busybody I head on to see what's happening or at least what I've miss out.. It was actually this Call Of Duty Mid-Night Launch

I then realize that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for Xbox 360 official launch date in Malaysia is 10 November 2009 and in conjunction with that Gamers' Hideout have this pre-launch bargain where purchaser would stand a chance to win Xbox 360 and other goodies..

I've never seen such good response at least not here in Malaysia especially for original game.. But this is really an eye opener.. More pic below

First person in the queue..

Don't under estimate this kid, he played the hard mode and got plenty of combos..

9.30PM and people started to queue up already..

Night vision goggle..

Fruitful wait.. Early bird gets the worm..

Lucky Draw..

I never stay up and wait for the launch but I got those info from the facebook group and some google search.. Seems that everyone is happy with their purchase.. Too bad I couldn't find any video of the small kid on guitar.. It was freaking awesome bare in mind..

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CH said...

Thanks for using our pictures for your Blog...and thanks for the story as well but in future if you still like to use our pictures for other events just give us a credit line..any way is a nice article..thanks again---Gamer's Hideout

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