Monday, November 9, 2009

Now You Can Shout

Yeap, now you can scream or shout in my blog, there is a cool awesome piece of shoutbox added to the right column.. Yea this is not just a shoutbox for blogger but also suitable for any webpages.. It is built to run across multiple platform which includes IE, Firefox, Netscape, Safari, Chrome, Opera.

Unlike other shoutbox provided, it it free and it doesn't have any limitation on how many post / day / user basis.. It too allow you to filter profanity so that your blog is kept clean from these and spam.. So it is totally cool piece of FREE shoutbox I would say..

In short not only it have every feature that other free shoutbox have out there in the market, it offer more than your expectation.. The previous that I am using for other site doesn't allow multiple concurrent user, and now I need not worry about it with

Here is a sneak peak on an entry

Get yours here shoutbox

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