Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Ugly Truth Malaysian

Just came back from the movie the ugly truth in Cathay e@Curve (formerly known as Cineleisure) and I have something to rant..

Well since the screening is free seating basis, means you get to go in first you get to choose for your preferred seat, everyone been queuing up at the entrance and making a huge human jam, or sardine or whatever you wanna call it.. Malaysian have been saying Singaporean = Kiasu, Kiasi, Kiablablabla.. But Malaysian too are one of them and that include me.. WTF.. Well I once heard wise men said, if you can't fight them join them.. This is the only way I can get the premier passes and to get at least not the lousy seat.. When the gate is open everyone rush in like there is no tomorrow..

Back to the movie..

The Ugly Truth staring Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler and yes Gerard Butler better known as King Leonidas from 300 (This is Spartaaaaaaaaaaa!) In this movie Gerard play a totally opposite role from 300, nice try I would say but I still love the fierce and anger version of him..

Well this movie isn't as bad as it is more that my expectation and it is for those who are less innocent as it contain dirty joke and act.. Oh yeah... The story is however pretty straight forward and predictable but the jokes aren't

I would give a 2.5 viagra out of 5 to this movie.. Am looking forward for the premier screening of Gamer also staring Gerard Butler tomorrow.. Hope it is as expected..

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