Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Gamer Aftermatch

Like I said will be going to the premier screening of Gamer staring Gerard Bulter and here I am just back from the movie in GSC 1 Utama

Technically speaking, the movie will be too artistic compustic for those who are not that into the technology, or those who are not into gaming.. Well the setting for the movie is good as it have all the aspect in first person shooting and SIM, yea SIM City.. The movie is somehow similar to Stone Cold's The Condemned, and Death Race from Jason Statham, and all 3 movie have some badass lead actor, there are people trying to outbeat the game.. So you get the idea.. The only different here is that the person who play the game actually gets to control a real soul.. And that poor soul if he succeed in beating all the level, he get his freedom.. Bare in mind that all those who are being control are those who have been sentence to death penalty and are considered as been given second chance of life, provided they pass all the level that is of course..

There are plenty of blood, and shooting scene, and not forgetting censored scene too.. and for that I'm gonna put 3 bullet into your head instead of 5

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