Monday, May 4, 2009

I Can Relate to Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

Just last month there is a friend of mine who told me that she accidentally introduce the wrong guy to few of her friends.. Erm.. was it 6? Can't remember.. The story goes like this..

This guy (just name it GA) is pretty much a player.. he flirt and sweet talk to any girls of any age, race, height, weight, appearance, and etc... My friend who was wise enough doesn't fall for any of it.. GA told my friend that he is interested in only one of the girl after the introduction session.. and so she thought.. But just after months from introducing GA to her friend.. he actually managed to hook up with all 6 of them.. What a big strike.. She found out only when she happen to chat to few of them and realising that she had make a big mistake she sends out warning to all of them to ignore GA.. Well there ain't much drama in this case but I still think GA deserve much bigger punishment as he treated girls as some toys??

Even that guy who was featured in Digi Telegram didn't get the kind of embarrassment he should..

Girls should learn to protect themselves, don't get bully easily..


Here are more info about the contest to those who are interested..


chun.hien said...

HAHAHA. hey nice one. that is hilarious man. btw, was the guy your ex-bestfriend or what? hahah. :p

anyway, hope you get the free passes ;)

keat @ said...

OMG, it's so embarrass and 温力铭 seems screwed by them?

Fallen Angel said...

thank chun hien.. hope we can get the exclusive invite to the show.. seems promising..

well it is not my friend.. I have a friend who have a gf but still fool around outside.. but I heard that he had stop.. but that is not as interesting as what I've posted.

Keat: funny right the video XD

OSW said...

HAHAHA! That program is so damn cool XD.

Anonymous said...

Haha!! Nice canton song. Plus that guy really deserves it!! =D

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