Sunday, May 3, 2009

Star Trek @ Studio V Aftermatch

It was a rather tiring day @ labour day as I spent the whole day in 1U for the event that I mentioned in previous post. It all started out as scheduled, but ended slightly later as planned. A special thank to Michael from AMBP that gives all the blogger this special privilege and to get every sponsor and activities running smoothly. I guess everyone enjoy themselves there for the whole day long activities.

As I was rushing out, I forgotten to bring 2 most important things out with me that is wallet and camera o.0... wtf.. it is like once in a lifetime experience and I forgotten to bring along the CAMERA.... argh..

I met quite a number of new friends there like Khai Sim, Ewin, Louis Yap, Diese, Adrian, and others.. you guys were great..

But I somehow manage to get some pic from other bloggers there... special thank to Ewin EE, my treasure hunt mate..
Mr. and Miss. Red FM DJ
Electronic gadget depository counter before entering to the hall..

also some from my pda..
The activity + announcement stage
My Star Trek Premier Screening Passes

Michael from AMBP.. Thank you for the great event..My Name Tag..
Everyone get to sit and snap photo on this captain chair.. and some were even interviewed on this chair.. I signed up for the interview session but couldn't make it as I was busy hunting the whole complex for clue in the treasure hunt..
Star Trek figure display.. there were more.. don't have time to shoot.. and most of it SOLD OUT!!

Just as we were playing treasure hunt, the interview with blogger session started.. here is the opening on the session..

I just couldn't stay for the lucky draw and treasure hunt winner announcement as I am rushing out of the mall to fetch Suk Lian for the premier screening, and thankfully Chen How and his gf Cherry is willing to stay and redeem for me.. Here are the lucky prizes..
Awesome badge

After movie reviews..

The movie was rather awesome with all the cool CGI and loud-cracking sound, I manage to understand and follow the storyline partially if not all as compare to the series when I don't get a single clue at all.. and yea Chris Pine was somewhat cool..


I am Khai Sim said...


DiEsE said...

wei siong... XD
finally i found your blog!
nice meeting you that day!

Fallen Angel said...

nice meeting you Diese and glad that we were in the same group with Ewin.

So when will you be coming to PJ again?

How was the movie? did you enjoy it? I myself find that the movie is cool and for the first time is falling for it.. :p

By the way would you like to exchange link?

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