Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Grab your share of winninng cash from Surfloft

Who says you have to work hard to gain some money? You don't have to and all thank to SurfLoft by organizing another great contest.. If you have miss out the previous contest now is the chance for you to grab your share back..

Let me explain abit here how easily you could gain extra cash for the week to spend with your love one..

There are 2 part of the contest as seen on the poster above.

Top Surfie - RM100
Top Blog - RM150

Top Surfie -> Is suitable for those who are active in forum 'kakis'. All you need to do is to open thread, post, reply, post, reply and the cycle continues

Top Blog -> Is cater for blogger like me, who would love to blog our way to win.

What's the common thing that is shared among the both?
To participate, you don't have to learn any new skills, all you need it to do what you do best.. post and blog.. Isn't that a dream come true money fall from sky?

Well as part of the participant in this Top Blog contest, I have 3 word for surfloft.. "LET ME WIN" XD


keat @ said...

Halo wssoo! thx for your participation in the contest! :)

Fallen Angel said...

Keat, thank you for opening up such a great opportunity.. nothing beats the feeling of winning CASH $$$$$...

Looking forward for the winner announcement..

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