Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Jonas Brother 3D The Movie

Watched this cool effect movie last night.

It is not a 'movie' actually, more of a tour concert but in 3D form. You can really see thing floating out of the screen or thrown item charging at you. One cool thing is that the camera angle is so perfect that you can feel that you are in the concert hall too. But thank to the lousy sound system in GSC Mid Valley, it is so soft that you can feel the live action.

However it is so realistic that you can smell the sweat of everyone around you, and from time to time you will get distracted by fans raising their hand.

The movie also feature 2 female artist

You know who are they don't you?

Overall I would say the choice of band is not so appropriate (sorry to jonas's fans), if the movie is about Linkin Park, or even Avril Lavigne it would be awesome. The best thing about the movie is that you will feel like you are in the concert and that the jonas just right in front of you. Apart from that, I don't know, maybe I'm not into their type of music, the song was just so so

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