Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Internet Language: Short Course

Well don't have sufficient time to write on the movie (Jonas Brother 3D) that I just came back from, so will just give a short course for those Internet noob.

Short form is used openly on the Internet. It was make popular by SMS (mobile texting) on mobile phone due to the limited character available on each message. People get used to it and became lazy (or cr8tive perhaps?) and uses it almost everywhere, some even wrote it on paper, yeah, hand written, fight that...

Anyway long story short, here's some list of short form that are commonly used on the Internet

88 = Bye Bye
99 = Night Night
Gd = Good
G9 = Good Night
L8 = Late
8 = Prosperity (Pronounce as Fatt in cantonese)
4 = Die (Pronounce as Sei in cantonese)
B4 = Before
5 = Find (o.0) or Fast (five in cantonese)
1437 = I Love You Forever (alphabert count for each word)
9394 = Fooling around (Pronounce as Gao Sam Gao Sei in cantonese)
NBTD = Nothing Better To Do
STFU = Shut The F*ck Up
GTFO = Get The F*ck Off
LOL = Laugh Out Loud
ROFLMAO = Roll On Floor Laugh My Ass Out
Dun = Don't
Din = Didn't
Den = Then
Prawn = Porn
IMO = In My Opinion
IMHO = In My Honest Opinion
Haha.... = Ok, you are getting bored
Kthxbye = K, Thank, Bye also means that I'm not interested now STFU and GTFO
GIRL on Internet = Guy In Real Life

That's all I can think off now.. If you have any feel free to leave a comment, I will add it up.. Thank

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