Thursday, March 5, 2009

Most Filling Dinner Ever

Been to steamboat buffet and have to agree that since it is buffet I'm so greedy to stuff myself all the food that I can and can't so that I get more than what I've paid for. But that is not as filling as the follow dinner.

We went to Hooi Long at Damansara Jaya for dinner. As usual before dishes are served, I play around with the camerasssssssssssssssss placed on table.
The first dish is plain vege o.0
Yea, that's the first thing they served. Then follow by the four season dish which I don't know what's the actual name of it.

When we almost finish the meal only I notice that the vege is for us to wrap with one of the dish served in the four season thingy. 0.0..

Now move to next dish, an extreme dish for me.. Guess what it is
Any idea? Hmm.. how about a close look
Any idea now? It is actually ostrich meat along with fishball poked with nuts on top of a huge shell.. what the o.0... I only had a bite of the meat and decided not to proceed because the meat is somehow "rubby" and somehow tasted like pork???

Now come the fish
I was huge when I saw the dish but thank to our 'powerfool' cameraman, it look so small in the photo =.="

Then I think is time for me to take a break while other continue because they served this
Yea pork..

At this point of time I think most of us is already very full, but that doesn't stop the dish from being served into our table.

Shark fin. There are still plenty left and one of my friend suggested that we use the fin to gargle.
Next up 2 dish of vege
Did you know that mushroom is poor man's abalone? Because the authenticate abalone tasted just like mushroom. I don't know what's so nice about abalone..

Finally the last dish of the main course
Mega huge prawn noodle. I love this pretty much that I'm so full but I still finish it and lick the plate clean.. ^^. Everyone is already in "Please Stop" mode but there is still one desert.

Longon mixed with lemon.
This meal lasted me for one whole day. I didn't consume anything after that till the following night.

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