Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Yay.. Won a pair of passes courtesy of The Sun Newspaper


You have won ONE PAIR of Complimentary Passes to watch FOUR CHRISTMASES!
Print out this email to redeem your Complimentary Passes at:
Venue: GSC Mid Valley
Date: Dec 30, 2008 (Tuesday)
Time: 5pm
Sad enough many of the winner was there and the organizer didn't even show up. =.=
So we had to collect the ticket from the official office in Uptown instead.

Went to the movie with Chee Chin on Monday, and the movie was surprisingly nice. At least it is something worth laughing for.

Not going to include any spoiler as I usually did.

After the show, we went over to The Curve to see how was the CNY deco was like, and OMG you shouldn't have gone there. The deco was simply made, and was lousy enough that you rather snap something like this

Trust me, that's the best scene there, day or night.

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