Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Battle Of The Band 2

Last week, Youth Malaysia 09 was held in PWTC (just opposite The Mall). There are plenty of event held there and one of it is no other than Battle Of The Band 2 sponsored by Xpax.
I recorded the whole event and 90% of the time is focusing on the drummer ONLY. Sadly I couldn't even get a single video uploaded to the net for sharing.

There are other event there too like basketball, autoshow, futsal, rock climbing, dance competition, cosplay, graffiti, and much more. Even 8TV, Fly FM, Hot FM is there too.

This guy is so awesome, he is the only band with double padle.

After the event we headed to 1Utama shopping center where I saw one rich dude having dinner in one of the japanese outlet. Stepped in and said hi before heading to the Cinema for the movie Outlander.

The animation in this movie suck. Is so freaking fake and had kinda lame storyline.

Anyway 1U CNY decoration seems to kick ass. Here are some scene

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