Thursday, December 18, 2008

Will this work

I heard over the radio station Fly FM past few days and they were discussing about this little reward program which happen in on small area of Malaysia. Basically the reward range from RM1 to RM5 for each illegal banner you manage to take down. The rate depend on the size of the banner of cause. There is this man in that particular area who earn around RM2k by just doing so.

they event come up with some catchy slogan: Kami Bukan Along, Kami Cuma Nak Tolong

Come to think of it is does sound like a good idea.. one raise two get.. it can help to keep that area clean from illegal, irritating, and annoying banner and you could get yourself some second source of income too. However the concern is this, where does the money (reward) come from? Taxpayer money? I don't know. The authority shouldn't use any of the tax payer money to run this campaign after all that is by right the responsibility of the authority.

Those that had live in Malaysia before, you should know that placing up illegal banner is way faster than taking it down. Thus the authority alone might not able to clear all the banner off the street.

If the authority doesn't have sufficient budge to run this campaign, they should make those who posted up the illegal banner pay instead.

Update: Found the article here

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