Friday, December 19, 2008

Eye-Pee Man (IP Man)

Headed to Mid Valley Megamall for the premier screening of IP Man (pronounced as "Yip Mun" / 葉問), and thank to Era FM for the invitation.

Just before the show start, walked around the mall with Joan to shop for present for upcoming xmas party. Sadly I couldn't join the gang for the party as I might have to be standby for some project implementation. Before we event really went to hunt for the present was attracted by a big crowd and out of busybodiness I went to have a look. It was nothing much but some xmas performance. Here it is.

And soon the show started. To my surprise, the hall is not full and there are still quite a number of vacant seat.

Ip Man is actually Bruce Lee's master if you don't know. In olden days wushu / kung fu center can be seen all over the street in china and each master (sifu) from individual center likes to challenge each other to a fight to determine who is better, and at that time fu shan is famous for kung fu hub. The director packed everything into a 1 hour 39 minute show and therefore you will see it jump from scene to scene. No doubt Donnie Yen is good in martial art and each and every strike is awesome but I still think he is lack of some factor which probably make him even greater star.

The part I love best is that Ip Man uses his fist to unite everyone in China when the Japanese invaded the country. He is also pioneer in promoting and preserving Wing Chun.

Overall it would be best if there are more fight a.k.a action than dialogue.

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